Welcome to the Sacred Heart School Shop!

Welcome to the Sacred Heart School Shop!

Welcome to the online Sacred Heart School Shop!  Whether you are a new or returning family, our goal is to support you every step of the way, including the uniform. This page will provide you with information and important resources to help you place the right order.



  • Start by creating a profile and an account by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking the pencil icon to register.  Your online school shop account is separate from myshsh.
  • You will only register once, so please record your log-in and account information.
  • If you have already registered, continue to read on!



  • Uniform Guidelines are provided for all grade levels, use them to help you prepare your order. 
  • Find the guidelines in the grey navigation bar at the top of this page under Elementary Uniform Guidelines and Senior Uniform Guidelines
  • An Order Checklist is included at the bottom of each guide.  This will help you determine what to buy.  The quantities recommended are based on what most new students require at the outset. Additional items may be ordered at any time.
  • A Measurement and Sizing Worksheet is available with the guidelines as a tool to help you order. 

Note: Your order history is stored! Click “orders” in “My Account” located in the grey menu at the bottom of the page.



  • Order by JUNE 15. It is strongly recommended that orders be placed by this date to ensure items are received for the start of school. Many parents find it helpful to sort through uniforms at the end of one year, ordering at the same time for the year to come.
  • July-August is our peak buying period. Please allow at least 10 days for delivery. Remember that if returns and exchanges are required, this will add to the timeline.
  • October-June is our non-peak period. Orders placed during this time usually arrive within 3-5 business days.

Note: Your order will come directly to you! Items are shipped from our supplier in Ontario to your home. Shipping fees are listed at the bottom of this page and thank you for understanding that personal orders cannot be shipped to Sacred Heart School.



  • Contact Customer Service if you: need help placing an order, have questions after an order is received, or need assistance with returns and exchanges.
  • Call 1-888-694-1197 or use the Contact Form, and a Customer Service Representative will get back to you.
  • Click here for our Returns and Exchanges Policy Information
  • Leigh Gillis, the School Shop Manager, is also available by email at 



Please use the Measurement and Sizing Worksheet to help you prepare your order.


Use this tool in advance! All clothing items have sizing charts available on their respective webpages and this information will help you to determine the correct size for all items you require.



Recess/Outdoor Clothing

  • Please ensure children have proper clothing available and present at School to suit seasonal requirements (i.e., raincoat, winter coat and snow pants, snow boots, etc.). These items are not sold by the School Shop.
  • For Elementary School grades, please ensure outdoor footwear is different from indoor.  Students change their shoes when they enter and exit.  


  • Black shoes with flat heels are recommended for all grade levels dress uniform.
  • Dark sneakers (if possible) or dark casual shoes are acceptable for daily uniform.
  • For younger children, slip-on shoes with no laces makes it easier for those who are not yet able to tie their own shoes. 
  • Students are required to have separate Phys-Ed sneakers.  These can be left with their indoor shoes at School.
  • Shoes are not sold by the School Shop.


Order Shipping Costs

Orders are shipped from Ontario via courier.

Fees by order amount are:

  • Orders under $75.00 shipping = $10.95
  • Orders between $76.00 and $150.00 shipping = $14.95
  • Orders over $151.00 shipping = $19.95